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    ViBravo Orchestra 
    Once students have mastered the Pre-ViBravo music, they are invited to audition for the ViBravo String Ensemble under the direction of Monica Holy. The group is available to any elementary string student or middle school student (excluding 8th grade) that can perform the audition material. The music is upper middle school/lower high school level. 100% of our members study privately.This program offers elementary and middle school students additional challenges above their regular school orchestra. Students are selected based on bowing techniques, playing techniques, intonation, and overall musicianship. The ViBravo String Ensemble meets once weekly for 45 minutes. Once students have mastered ViBravo material they are encouraged to audition for Pre-Chamber Ensemble.
    Auditions are set for: August (1st concert material) and February (2nd concert material)

Last Modified on June 1, 2018