Wydown Math Department

  • The School District of Clayton’s mathematics program challenges students to think deeply, construct arguments and work together to solve problems and generalize results. From kindergarten through eighth grade, students develop an extensive understanding of concepts by moving from the use of concrete representations to pictorial and finally, abstract representations of grade level mathematics concepts. In grades 9-12, students build upon this foundation with an increased focus on algebraic thinking in preparation for college and career readiness. Central to all mathematics learning, all Clayton K-12 students participate in multi-step and non-routine problem solving. The K-12 mathematics curriculum prepares students of all ages and abilities with the skills necessary to think critically, communicate effectively and accomplish real-world tasks.


    Math Department Teacher Websites

    Andrew Boeyink - website

    Tiffany Harkins - website

    Kelsey Koenig - website

    Karen Leong - website

    Dave Powers - website

    Ann Marie Snodgrass - website

    Joseph Sustar - website

    Jessica Wolbert - website




Last Modified on May 11, 2022