• Welcome to Mrs. Wolbert's Distance Learning Homepage!

    Emai is the best way to contact me.  I will be available 8:30-3:30 and will respond in a reasonable time.  If you email after 3:30, I may not answer till the next day.

    New Learning and Assignments:

    Each day, I will provide a "Daily Warm-up" and an Assignment.  All will be posted in Classwork.  

    Classwork is separated by topics- warm-up and assignment.

    if I have an announcement, I will post it on the stream.  I will also share my overall plan for the week each Monday on Stream.


    Grading and Reporting:

    I will be giving feedback and returning work throughout the week.  I will update PowerSchools over the weekend.

    Late work can be submitted, but it may take me awhile to get to it.


    My Online Office Hours:


    Use the link to join me in Google Meet! 

    Monday and Wednesday:

    8:50 - 9:12 (Math 7)

    9:12 - 9:35 (Math Ext)




    Tuesday and Thursday:

    1:50 - 2:12 (Math 7)

    2:12 - 2:35 (Math Ext)



    Friday: By Appointment Only



Last Modified on April 22, 2020