• Wydown Middle School is a community of student and adult learners. The school provides its students and their families with a child-centered environment, focused on teaching and learning for all. Enrichment and support activities enhance students’ academic interests — activities that include intramurals, performing arts, clubs, tutoring and study opportunities.

    Developing strong parent partnerships and ensuring proactive communications provide a firm foundation for an education at Wydown. The school has a living curriculum that grows, changes and is constantly reviewed to meet the educational needs of an eclectic body of middle school students. Wydown offers community service opportunities through Student Council, advisories and classroom units of study that focus on making positive contributions to our community and the world.

    With numerous individual, team and school-wide achievements, Wydown’s focus remains clear: to continue its tradition of excellence and growth through exploration, academics, community service and activities based on student needs, interests and development.

    Welcome to Wydown Middle School!