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  • World Languages and Cultures at Wydown

    We believe language is a tool to connect with the world. World languages are increasingly important for knowledge, communication, understanding and success in an interdependent global society. The study of another language is an integral part of the education of all students. The School District of Clayton is committed to helping learners become linguistically and culturally competent.  Linguistically competent students can proficiently communicate in oral and written language.  Culturally competent students gain a knowledge and appreciation of other cultures in the global community. By studying another language and culture, students embark on a journey to become successful world citizens who can function in a global economy, develop skills to understand themselves and interact with others across the globe. Learning a second language enhances thinking skills and broadens future career opportunities and personal interests for all Clayton students.



    World Language Faculty Webpages

    Stephanie Beattie - French Teacher and World Languages Subject Manager

    Christine Darling - French Teacher

    Amy Dean - Spanish Teacher

    Carlos Espinosa - Spanish Teacher

    Stephen Meier - Latin Teacher

    Patrick Mullen - Chinese Teacher

    Heather Puerto  - Spanish Teacher



Last Modified on September 6, 2022