Wydown Social Studies
    To have some measure of control over their lives, students must have an understanding of their own natures and the nature of those forces that affect them. This understanding can best be obtained through knowledge of the social sciences. The goals of the social studies program include developing in students the ability to think critically and to assume a positive role in a democratic society. 
              Mr. Baugh
    Richard Baugh 
    Team 8 East
    Phone: 314-854-6451
    Email: richardbaugh@claytonschools.net
      Ms. Beeson
    Aimee Beeson - Subject Manager
    Team 8 West
    Phone: 314-854-6460
    Email: aimeebeeson@claytonschools.net
    Jennifer Kavanaugh
    Team 6 Central
    Phone: 314-854-6441
    Email: jenniferkavanaugh@claytonschools.net
       Dr. Hardt
    Jennifer Hardt, Ed.D.
    Team 6 West
    Phone: 314-854-6447
    Email: jenniferhardt@claytonschools.net
      Ms. Miller
    Sarah Miller 
    Team 6 East 
    Phone: 314-854-6436
    Email: sarahmiller@claytonschools.net
      Mrs. Snelling
    Aimee Snelling
    Team 7/8 
    Phone: 314-854-6418
    Email: aimeesnelling@claytonschools.net
      Mr. Solomon
    Mark Solomon
    Team 7 East 
    Phone: 314-854-6437
    Email: marksolomon@claytonschools.net
      szyman Emily Szyman
    Team 7 West
    Phone: 314-854-6432
    Email: emilyszyman@claytonschools.net
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