- About Me -

    Hello and welcome! My name is Kelsey Koenig and I am excited to get started at Wydown this year! I have a husband and 3 sweet babies at home (6, 3.5, and brand new). I love coffee, reading, and education.

    I graduated from SLU with my Bachelors and moved to UMSL to pursue a higher degree. I recently completed a Masters and am now working toward a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

    After graduating from SLU, I taught at Pattonville High School. I made a switch to Villa Duchesne five years ago. I taught middle and high school and also acted as the 7th Grade Academic Dean. I am so excited to get started as a Wildcat and be a part of the School District of Clayton!

    - Contact Me - 

    Email: KelseyKoenig@claytonschools.net

    Phone Number: (314) – 854 – 6469

    - Resources -
    Online Textbook: my.hrw.com
    6 East Team: 
    6 East Homework Calendar: 
    DreamBox Link:
     These are my sweet tots - Sophia, James, and Maya
    - Classroom Norms -  
    Math can be a challenging subject for students, but I believe that all students can learn and that it is my job to give all students opportunities for success. I will hold my students to high standards, both in and out of the classroom, but they can and should do the same for me. 


    To make sure that all students are supported and able to learn in a safe and inclusive environment, we follow the Wydown Ways. 

    Respect: Treat each other kindly in class…

    even when we are confused and struggling through challenging course work. 

    Compassion: Make a point to support your classmates…

    both when they are successful and when they need help with something. 

    Integrity: Make sure you are on task and completing your own work…

    even when Mrs. Koenig is not looking.

     Perseverance: Keep trying…

    even when something you are working on is tedious or challenging.

    Christmas (2018) - Before baby Maya joined the ranks