• Abigail Birhanu

    Ms. Abigail Birhanu



    Hello! My name is Abby Birhanu (she/her) and I am an artist and art teacher who teaches 7th and 8th Visual Art and Fiber Art. I taught high school art for 15 years and transitioned over to middle school last year. I am having a blast teaching our Wydown artists! I believe in the power of art to transform our students and the world at large. We often have conversations in the art studio around connections between artists' lived experiences and the artworks they create using See, Think, Wonders. I practice choice-based art, or TAB (teaching artistic behavior), to encourage creativity and confidence in our students while allowing them to take ownership of their learning. To learn more about the TAB model and the 8 Studio Habits of Mind click here.
    I participated in a Fulbright teachers exchange program as an exchange teacher to the United Kingdom in 2012-2013 school year where I taught 7th to A-Level courses. The experience was transformative and further solidified my commitment to cross-cultural learning and teaching. I love traveling (21 countries and counting) and especially partaking in educational and cultural exchange opportunities with my students. As an educator, I am committed to anti-racist, anti-bias, and culturally responsive teaching that cultivates global citizens that understand and value the interconnected world community.

    Please view our website for information on our art program and see artworks by our talented artists.