• For information about Wydown's partnership with the Washington University YMCA and the Y-Tutor program, please contact Dr. Victoria Jones.

    314 854 6450
    Wydown's partnership with the Washington University YMCA began over 20 years ago. The Y-Tutor program is an academic tutoring program, as well as an opportunity for mentorship with a successful Washington University student. During weekly meetings, Wydown students who are specifically identified and invited to be a part of the program, work toward success with the assistance of their tutors. One overall goal of the program is to build an understanding of how to be a successful learner with a trusted mentor.  
    Examples of student-driven academic activities include: improving test-taking skills, planning for long-term projects, developing an  effective organizational system, honing problem solving and critical thinking skills, and conferencing about and revising writing pieces. 
    *Wydown students need to attend consistently.  Volunteer tutors make participation in this program a priority; it is expected that the WMS students will make it a priority as well.
    *Wydown students need to have a clear understanding of what they will be working on each tutoring day...and it should be a learning activity that involves the tutor ("Yes" to study for science test; "No" to watch me read my book or type my paper).