Information for parents and families to share about their incoming students:  Please feel free to complete the following Parent Input Form about your incoming student and email to the 6th grade Counselor, Jason Thompson jasonthompson@claytonschools.net , 7th grade Counselor, Liz Tucker liztucker@claytonschools.net  or the 8th grade Counselor, Mark Snyder marksnyder@claytonschools.net :


    Parent Input Form



    For registration or schedule questions for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, please feel free to contact the Counseling Dept. Assistant and Registrar, Debbie Bird via email @ debbiebird@claytonschools.net


    2020-2021 Program of Studies

    ****If you know of a family in need or would like more information about participating in the Food Suppoort Program at Wydown, please click here:
    The Counseling Program at Wydown Middle School is designed to support students, teachers and families in a variety of ways.  Counselors play a vital role in the areas of responsive services, individual and group counseling, as well as personal, academic and career advisement.  Our counselors support the academic, social and emotional growth and well-being of all students at Wydown Middle School.  You can access your grade level counselor in the following ways:

    *visit Counseling Office before school to set up an appointment
    *by email 
    *by phone
    *teacher referral
    *parent request 
    *student-initiated request
    Students may set-up appointments directly by contacting the Counseling Department Administrative Assistant and Registrar, Debbie Bird ( debbiebird@claytonschools.net or 314.854.6405 ) in the Counseling Office. 

    If you or a friend have an emergency after school hours, please call 911.  
    Recommended Hotline numbers available for assistance and support 24/7:
    Behavior Health Response:                   (314)469-6644  
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1(800)273-8255

    Counseling Department Staff:

    Debbie Bird
    Administrative Assistant                  (314)854-6405                         debbiebird@claytonschools.net  

    Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson                                                (314)854-6464                          jasonthompson@claytonschools.net
    8th Grade Counselor Class of 2024

    Liz Tucker
    Liz Tucker
    6th Grade Counselor Class of 2026
       (314)854-6461     liztucker@claytonschools.net
    Mark Snyder
    Mark Snyder                                                          (314)854-6457                          marksnyder@claytonschools.net
    7th Grade Counselor Class of 2025

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