Meet Mr. Holmes

    • My name is Chris Holmes, and I teach Exploratorium classes here at Wydown. The environment in Room 232 is a mix of curiosity and creativity, challenge and growth, trust and introspection. My approach to teaching adolescents centers on the exploration, knowledge, and actualization of self. 

      This is my first year as a Gifted Specialist at Wydown, although it is not my first year in the district. Thirty-one years ago, I graduated Truman State University and joined the faculty of Clayton High School as its first journalism teacher. I taught there for five wonderful years, left to wander around the business world for a decade or so, then returned to education in 2006 at Hazelwood West High School. In 2016, I left public education to help start Miriam Academy, a private high school for students who learn differently. Over the course of my career, I have taught journalism, creative writing, American literature, American history, government, and psychology. Every June, I teach spoken word poetry and memoir/biography at Missouri Scholars Academy, a summer program for gifted high-schoolers. When not teaching, I can be found in grad school classes (still... don't plan to stop), outside with family and friends, or on the road meeting strangers and writing their stories.

      I am passionate about people and their potential. 

      In addition to serving students, I strive to be a resource for families. Please don't hesitate contacting me; the best way to reach out is via email.



Mr. Holmes