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    ¡Bienvenidos 2021!
    Contact me: micahjohnson@claytonschools.net
    by phone: 854-6066 (CHS)
    My daily schedule:

    A Days: Advanced Honors 1 (2nd period), Social Issues (4th period)

    B Days: Advanced Honors 1 (5th period), Social Issues (6th period), Advanced Honors 1 (8th period)


    How much Spanish do you know?  Find out with this Interactive Spanish Test! (123TeachMe.com)


    Students and parents: use this page to access course information, and links to practice opportunities.

    Contact me: micahjohnson@claytonschools.net


    Students will use Google classroom regularly to practice learned material, and to take quizzes and tests online. This is an essential component of the curriculum. New activities are posted regularly, so check and use this site often. Additional links to related websites can be found by following the "enlaces" link.

    SpanishDict.com is also an essential website for our class.  Check it out by following the link.  Follow your progress through Spanish grammar topics and receive homework credit!

    All Spanish students: check out these amazing sites for explanations and practice of a wide variety of grammar and vocabulary topics:
    Spanish Language and Culture

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