• My favorite people and my favorite place

    This is me with my twin daughters, Katie and Grace. We are standing on the dock of a cabin in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. I've been vacationing there since I was 5.

    I started teaching at Wydown in 1996. For my first 12 years in the district, I taught French. When team 7/8 was formed in 2007, I decided to make a change and became the social studies teacher for the team. I am the only original 7/8 team member left and I hope to stay here until they tell me it is time to retire. I love working with students 2 years in a row.

    I am a mom of twin daughters who graduated from Clayton in 2020 and are now juniors in college. I am also back in school, working on a doctorate in social justice education. My hope is that Katie, Grace, and I all graduate in 2024!

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