• School District of Clayton Social Studies
    Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions
    Humans search for meaning.
    o What is truth and how do you know?
    o Is truth something objective and constant or subjective and based upon place, culture, and time?
    Humans are social beings.
    o What constitutes a social system?
    o What is the difference between transformation and radical change?
    o What factors lead to unity? What factors lead to disorder?
    o How are the conclusions reached by social scientists affected by race, class, gender, and ethnicity?
    o Who governs?
    o How do societies resolve social conflicts?
    The past affects humans; humans affect the future.
    o What is the story of humankind?
    o How does the past relate to the present?
    o What makes an event or person important?
    o Do the times shape the individual or the individual shape the times?
    o To what extent do individuals shape their lives?
    o What story is mine alone?
    Humans act and react.
    o Why do humans behave the way they do?
    Humans’ relationship with the land affects their development.
    o How has geography affected human, social, political, economic, and cultural development?
    o How have humans affected their physical environment?
    Both continuity and change are aspects of human development.
    o What is progress? Have humans progressed?
    o How has technology affected human and cultural development?
    Humans have needs.
    o How do societies resolve the problem of scarcity?
    o Why do some nation-states have a high standard of living while others have a low standard of
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