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    Like classroom learning for students, professional learning for teachers must be differentiated.  This could mean that new learning experiences must be gained by going outside the district to an external source.  When these experiences are aligned to district, building, curricular and/or individual professional goals and are provided by high quality agencies and organizations, learning can be profound for the system.

    A world-class school system must continually compare itself to those beyond as well as to collaborate with those making progress.  National, state, regional and/or local conferences are places for teachers to compare and get up to date from content experts, on best practices and to collaborate with job-alike colleagues.  We also have teacher who regularly present at these conferences, to share the learning and progress we are making with our colleagues as a way of giving back to the profession.

    Funding for these conferences can come from a variety of sources, individual teacher or administrator professional incentive funds, building incentive funds, curriculum professional development funds, professional learning grants, or Truman University partnership funds.
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