• During these extraordinary times, the 2019-2020 school year is ending in a way we never thought. Students, teachers, administrators and other District staff are closing a chapter with many missed opportunities. 

    The District wanted to find a unique way to honor the Clayton staff members who are retiring this year. Unlike most of the Clayton school community, these individuals will not be back next year to say their final farewells.

    A special effort was made to create Retiree Spotlight videos for retirees who wanted to participate. There are so many things that could be said about these wonderful people, so here's a start: Thank you, for everything you have done for students in the School District of Clayton. You have made a difference in the lives of many, shaped countless young minds and shared genuine smiles and laughter with groups of people you will likely always call "family" - best of luck in your retirement, you will be missed.


    Cathy Chamberlin: Retiree Spotlight

    Susan Christopher: Retiree Spotlight

    Sarah Crocker: Retiree Spotlight

    Barb Daves: Retiree Spotlight