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    Failing Forward – What does that mean? In the development of our Profile of a Clayton Graduate, that term emerged throughout our discussions. As a school system that believes in the growth mindset, we embrace the concept of learning from failures and approaching them as opportunities for growth. Failure and setbacks are part of any successful person’s path. But how can we teach our children to muster the strength to persevere when times are most trying?

    With the support of Clayton’s PTO Council and in partnership with Washington University, the School District of Clayton is developing this year’s Parent Speaker Series to help answer this question and many more. Dr. Tim Bono, Washington University faculty member, author and expert on psychological health and happiness, will lead us in discussions on resilience as a life skill, misconceptions about self-esteem and practical strategies you can use to help your child develop resilience in the face of adversity.

    Topics covered during this year’s Parent Speaker Series will include:

    • Dispelling myths around the nature of self-esteem: Self-esteem is not just about feeling good about yourself, it’s also about knowing how to respond to setbacks.
    • Resilience as a life skill: Research has shown that having to rebound from adversity early in life promotes well-being later in life because it develops psychological wherewithal and a sense of mastery.
    • Strategies for persevering through adversity: Learn about the effectiveness of using mindset, sleep and social connection to keep proper perspective and persevere.

    We will send more details about sessions as the dates approach.