• Clayton’s Lab Classroom Leadership Program is a professional development structure designed to improve student achievement while strengthening professional practice. Lab Classroom is:

    • A program that promotes and sustains teacher leaders by developing expertise through job-embedded professional development within the classroom setting.  A lab classroom is a place where talented teachers collaborate with other educators, while deepening their knowledge of innovation, data-driven instruction and ways to help students access content.
    • In depth professional development during Lab Classroom Leadership Summer Institute, covering the following: leadership, building community, brain-based teaching and learning, student empowerment, equity, observational feedback, and data literacy.
    • Resources to support and refine teaching practices:
    • Release days throughout the school year
    • After-school sessions with cohort group
    • Opportunities to observe and be observed by colleagues with follow-up conversations
    • Stipend for each school year you participate
                                                                    Lab Classroom Teachers