Technology Department

  • Clayton’s Technology Vision

    Technology serves as a powerful learning tool in a dynamic community where children and adults work and learn together. Creative use of technology promotes interest and motivation, strengthens critical thinking skills, provides a format for students to make connections and apply knowledge, enhances opportunities for students to solve problems and engage in simulations, supports the inquiry process, and provides a platform for students to communicate, synthesize, and create. It empowers learners by expanding resources, improving communication, and providing greater versatility in the curriculum. Technology connects home, school, and the world and supports learning as a continuous, lifelong process.

    What We Believe About Technology

    Technology is rapidly changing the way we learn, teach and work. Instructional technology is a critical tool that supports the learner in constructing meaning in a purposeful way. It motivates and empowers members of our learning community to explore, experiment, and connect with the larger global community.

    We believe that instructional technology is most effective when it

    • addresses individual and group needs with regard to learning and teaching styles;
    • is integrated into the curriculum in a meaningful way;
    • encourages students and staff to access, interpret, apply, evaluate, and create information;
    • supports all learners in contributing to a productive and creative learning environment; and
    • is readily accessible to everyone.

    Technology is most effective when supported by a continually evolving District plan for resource acquisition, technical support, curricular integration, and professional development.