• The purpose of the Long-Term Financial Planning Committee for the School District of Clayton is to understand school district finances in order to monitor financial issues and trends facing the District and provide advice to the District administration and the Board of Education regarding those issues and trends.

    The committee was developed as an outgrowth of the Resource Management strategic theme in the District’s strategic plan. It will serve as an advisory committee to the Board of Education and District administration and provide input on:
    1. Policies regarding financial management
    2. Financial efficiencies and cost savings
    3. Financial projections
    4. Environmental and financial sustainability
    5. Referendums (e.g. amount, timing, need)
    The committee will meet three-to-four times each school year to bring community perspective to the District for planning long-range financial strategies. A subcommittee may be formed at a later date to delve deeper into specific issues.