• Summer Institutes


    An optimal time for learning, summer is a protected and focused time for professional development.  Summer Institutes are generally scheduled as two or more days of foundational learning experiences aligned to District CSIP goals and initiatives. The sessions offered are based on the district PD Needs Assessment, curriculum goals, building goals and other District needs that arise out of CSIP goals or the evaluation process. They have also been organized around the PD Framework to ensure foundational PD is offered regularly. The offerings are coordinated and arranged by the PD department and PDC and listed in AllofE for staff to register.  Teachers are paid a stipend for attendance, as it is outside of their regular contract.  These funds are part of the PD yearly budget and participant maximums are set based on the funds available. Staff receives a stipend of $25 per hour for attending institutes, or for some institutes, graduate credit or professional development units (PDU) are offered as an alternative.    
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