• Office of Communications

    The Office of Communications is responsible for community engagement, media relations, digital and print publications, video, crisis management and communication, management of the District website, development of the District’s master calendar and a number of special events throughout the year. The Office of Communications can provide information on District and community groups and their activities. The Chief Communications Officer also serves as the District's Safety Coordinator. Any media personnel wishing to obtain information on the District should contact the Office of Communications.

    Department Staff

    Luke Heitert  
    Chief Communications Officer  
    (314) 854-6015  
    Todd Schumacher
    Digital Communications Coordinator
    Meredith Reese
    Community Relations Specialist

    Key Areas of Responsibility

    • Community engagement
    • Media relations
    • District publications
    • Crisis communication
    • Management of District website
    • Social Media
    • Video
    • Development of District's master calendar
    • Special events
    • Liaison to community groups including:
      • Clayton Education Foundation
      • PTO Council