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    Recruiting and retaining quality teachers is essential to the achievement of educational excellence for all students in the School District of Clayton.  Research indicates that teacher quality heavily impacts student achievement.  Quality is often defined by four characteristics: content knowledge, experience, teacher training and certification, and general cognitive skills.  The District seeks teachers who are committed to students and their learning, know the content they teach and how to teach that content to students, know they are responsible for establishing and managing student learning in a positive learning environment, continually assess student progress, analyze the results, and adapt instruction to improve student achievement, are committed to continuous improvement and professional learning, and exhibit a high degree of professionalism.  In addition the District expects secondary candidates to hold a degree in his/her content area, specialists to be certified as well as practitioners in his/her field, and all candidates to be caring, compassionate, creative, have a passion for teaching and to have a repertoire of teaching strategies.
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