• Observing Practice

    As an outgrowth of Lab Classroom, PLCs and Data Wise, there has been growing interest in providing opportunities for image teachers to observe their colleagues and provide feedback on instructional efforts.  
    “Learning designs that occur during the workday and engage peers in learning facilitate ongoing communication about learning, develop a collaborative culture with peer accountability, foster professionalism, and support transfer of the learning to practice.” (Learning Forward, 2011)
    This practice looks unique in each building.  For example, at Captain Elementary, teachers volunteer for Learning Lab, which focuses on building curriculum goals of literacy or math.  At Wydown, teachers volunteer for Wydown Instructional Talk Through (WITT) and observe across disciplines for common instructional strategies that impact differentiation.  District leaders conduct Learning Walks through various classrooms or PLCs to take the “pulse” of the building in terms of fidelity to the Standards of Professional Practice or Guidelines for PLCs.

    Additionally, part of both New Teacher Induction and the Evaluation Process includes opportunities for teachers to observe their colleagues for best practices.  A plan for this is developed between the mentor, coach and/or the principal.  Colleagues to be observed might be in the same grade level or content area, in the same or different buildings, horizontally or vertically, or even in another district.  It depends on the needs of the individual teacher. 
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