• Structures to Support SIP Work

    Leadership Teams
    Every building has some sort of team of teachers that guides and informs the principal and the work of the SIP.  This team has representation from the building staff and building committees/initiatives.  The goal of this team is to coordinate efforts within the building.
    Staff Meetings
    Every building principal has regular meetings with his/her staff.  A great portion of these meetings are reserved for professional learning for the entire staff.  Weekly memos and newsletters are sent to try to minimize the amount of informational material to be distributed during these meetings, thus provided more regular opportunities for staff to learn together through presentation, sharing and discussion.
    Data/Problem-Solving Teams
    Each building has a system for teachers to discuss, problem solve, and plan for individual student success.  Some teams are grade level based (Elementary), some are team or content based (WMS), and some are representative of various departments (CHS).  The Plan-Do-Revise cycle is the tool teachers used to review student data, plan interventions, and then review data again to see if the interventions are making an impact.
    While the coordination and training of mentors is a district responsibility, it is at the building level where mentoring occurs.  Each new teacher is assigned a building based mentor who is the primary contact and support as s/he integrates with the system.  This mentor will serves for two years, providing support and resources to ensure a successful induction experience.  Additional assistance is available as needed from Curriculum Coordinators, content specialists, subject managers and department chairs, as well as the building principal.
    Content Based Groups
    Each building has groups that gather around a specific content area to analyze data for student needs and plan professional learning that support the needs of teachers and students in that content area.  At the high school and middle school, this work is divided by departments and has a designated leader to direct the work. (Department Chair/Subject Manager)  In the elementary schools, the focus is directed by the Curriculum Review Process and is coordinated by the building based Instructional Coordinator, in collaboration with the Coordinator of the specific content area.
    Evaluation Process
    The evaluation of teachers should also inform the SIP.  As evaluators are in classrooms and meetings, they should be collecting observations and data that indicate the effective implementation of professional learning.  The information should return to the Leadership Teams to add to the data collected on SIP progress and decisions about next steps.
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