• The requester assumes full responsibility for the supervision of activities s/he has scheduled into the district's facilities. The Board of Education and its employees assume no liability for injuries occurring on school premises during these independently scheduled events.

    A Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement must be on file no later than one week prior to the scheduled event, and may be purchased from the Clayton School District's Business Office (854-6024.)

    Hold Harmless Agreement:  This form must be completed and signed by the sponsor of the event.  In cases where an athletic team is using our facilities and not considered a “club” sport this form must be signed by each player (18 and over) or by the parent/legal guardian of a child.  In the event that a “non club” athletic team has a fund raiser, spectators, or charge for admissions, they must them supply one of the coverage’s listed below.  Club sport teams need only to provide one of the coverage’s below.

    Certificate of Insurance:  All companies, sporting events, groups, etc. must provide a certificate of insurance naming Clayton School District as an additional insured and return with the Facility Use Request Form.  The event, program, etc. will not be approved or scheduled until this form is received.  If you do not have a certificate of insurance then you may purchase:

    Special Events Coverage: This may be purchased for a single event, or a blanket policy to cover a longer period of time.  For more information and pricing please contact the Admin. Asst. to CFO at (314) 854-6024.