• Facility requests may be denied if:
    1. The requesting group -- if required -- fails to file a Hold-Harmless and Certificate of Insurance seven days prior to the reserved event.
    2. Fails to pay the usage fees within the specified time frame.
    3. The requester has a history of damage, drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco use, or inadequate supervision.
    4. The activity violates the canons of good morals, manners, or taste, or may be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment.
    5. The activities are discriminatory in the legal sense.
    6. The requester has a history of demonstrable danger or violence, or whose literature/philosophy promotes hatred and/or violence.
    7. Fundraising campaigns and/or commercial advertising comprise the essence of the requesting group's purpose.

    Facility usage not covered by the preceding policy and following guidelines must be approved by the Facility Review Committee with fees set by that committee.