The School District of Clayton is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of its students.  In accordance with the state and federal guidelines, the Board of Education has adopted policies that address issues of safety, behavioral code of conduct, sexual harassment, the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs in our schools, and discipline.  Each staff member of the District needs to be familiar with the policies and assume responsibility for helping students engage in behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment and to the students’ growth in responsible and respectful behavior.
    To assist individuals in carrying out these responsibilities, the Department of Human Resources will annually assign online training for every person who works, coaches, volunteers, or substitute teaches in the District.  The training will include the District's Board of Education policies, Acceptable Use Policy, Smarter Adults – Safer Children: Preventing Child Sexual (provided by MUSIC, Missouri United School Insurance Council), and other relevant titles chosen specifically for our employees.  These online courses are available at SafeSchools.com. 


    1.   Go to the SafeSchools Training home page at  http://clayton.mo.safeschools.com/login

    2.  In the light blue box in the upper-right area of the page enter your username, which goes by the following format:  FirstNameLastName.   EXAMPLE: employee John School would enter username JohnSchool; A password is not required. On the next page you will be asked to confirm your name and position before continuing the login process. 

    3.   If you have any outstanding training modules due for the current school year, they will be available once you are logged into your training application. Select any assigned course by clicking on the name of the course.

    4.   Complete all your training assignments by October 1st.  Your Safe Schools training page will be automatically updated to indicate completion of the courses.  You do not need to print out a Certificate of Completion.  The Department of Human Resources will monitor your training progress.

    5.   Please remember to log out of the program before you close your browser. 

    Thank you for your commitment and time to complete this training program. 

    If you have any questions during training, please contact Chris Butler in Human Resources at 314-854-6032.