• Frequently Asked Questions About SchoolMessenger

    How do I sign up for SchoolMessenger's Contact Manager Parent Portal?
    Parents and guardians do not need to sign up for SchoolMessenger just to receive messages, the basic contact information parents provided to your child’s school has been added to the system. Parents do need to log on to the SchoolMessenger Contact Manager Parent Portal to activate an account, select how they would like to be contacted (phone, e-mail and text message) and add additional contact points.
    Do I need to set up an account for each child?
    Yes, you must set up an account for each of your children. You will have to set preferences for each child in their respective accounts.

    What type of messages will I receive from SchoolMessenger?
    SchoolMessenger will be used to send information about snow closures, school updates from your child’s principal, PTO messages and District updates.

    Is SchoolMessenger secure?
    Your student's information is stored on a secure server and all personal data is sent in an encrypted format. Please remember, just like with any application, if you give your password to anyone, including your child, your contact information can be changed and messages regarding attendance, grades and emergencies can be diverted or discontinued.

    A recorded message from the school was delivered to my home phone; I said “hello” and no message played. What should I do?
    Log on to your SchoolMessenger account to see a list of all messages sent to your home and review the message. SchoolMessenger can work like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed.

    Can I receive information on my students at a long distance number?
    Yes, SchoolMessenger will call long distance numbers.

    If you have any questions about the District's
    new broadcast messaging system, please contact:
    Chris Tennill, APR
    Chief Communications Officer
    (314) 854-6015