An absence is defined as missing a minimum of one class period up to an entire school day (8 periods).

    ATTENDANCE: Teaching and learning begin with student attendance.  Clayton High School values students being in class every day.  When it is necessary for a student to be absent for any class, a parent / guardian is expected to call the Attendance Office (854-6607) prior to 10:00 a.m. on the day of the absence.  The number has a 24-hour voice message system for your convenience.  If a telephone call is not received, the Attendance Office will call the parent or guardian after 10 a.m.  If no contact has been made within 72 hours of the absence, the absence will be unexcused. Attendance letters are sent home after 5 and 10 absences regardless of whether the absences are excused or unexcused. When a student reaches 15 absences, a meeting will be held to discuss academic consequences and options for preserving credit for coursework.

    1. Illness of the pupil.
    2. Serious illness of a member of the family or other family emergency which necessitates the absence of the student.
    3. Death in the immediate family.
    4. Medical or dental appointments that cannot be made during non-school hours.  A note from the doctor’s office confirming the appointment must be turned in.
    5. Religious observances.
    6. During AP exams, parents may choose to excuse a student from morning classes preceding the exam.
    7. College visits.
    8. Absences which have prior approval of the principal.  Students who will be absent for reasons other than those listed above must seek approval by presenting a signed and dated note from a parent or guardian to the principal.
    UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Absences from class that do not fall under the eight excused absences criteria will be “unexcused.”  Parents and/or Guardians will receive an automated phone call each evening informing them of any unexcused absences received that day.

    *Teachers are not obligated to accept work from students with unexcused absences.  Students may receive zeros for any or all assignments or test/quizzes on the next day.

    TARDY POLICY: Prompt attendance to class is essential for student success.  Any student who is not in the classroom when the bell rings is considered tardy.  Repeated tardiness to class will result in disciplinary action by the teacher or administrator.  Detention will be assigned for the accumulation of 3 or more tardies.

    Students who become ill during the school day are not to miss class without permission from the school nurse or administrator.  A student must obtain a pass from his/her teacher to receive treatment from the nurse during class time.