• Welcome to Mr. Schwent's Web Page! 
    It has been great to "meet" everyone this year!  I look forward to learning some solid math this year, as well as seeing all my students become critical thinkers.

    I currently teach Algebra 1, College Prep Geometry, and Honors Precalculus.  All of these classes use a google classroom.  Please feel free at any time to log in with your student's account to see our google classroom.  Below are links to each of those courses:

    Algebra 1 Google Classroom

    College Prep Geometry Google Classroom

    Honors Precalculus Google Classroom


    The best way to contact me is by email, alexanderschwent@claytonschools.net.
    My office phone number is 314-854-6678.  However, I am not in the building very often, so I most likely will not pick up.  Please leave me a voicemail or send me an email if you cannot get ahold of me.