• Guidelines for Student Success

    Students at Clayton High School have many opportunities to be successful. The following guidelines will help you achieve that success.
    • Be positive about learning. Build a strong relationship with teachers and other students.
    • Be open to acquiring and using new knowledge. Connect what you learn in one place to that which you learn
      in another.
    • Assume responsibility and accept consequences for your own behavior.
    • Attend all your classes. Be on time, and bring all the materials you will need.
    • Establish habits that enable you to be organized, thoughtful, and creative.
    • Learn to value the dignity and worth of all individuals in the school community.
    • Get involved. Join a club or a team, try out for a play or a musical group, or form a club or team around your special interest.
    • Ask for help when you need it. Your teachers, teacher- advisor, counselors, and administrators are here to help you, and don"t forget your coaches, activity sponsors, and older students as resources.
Last Modified on July 31, 2007