• Profile of a Clayton Graduate

    The District worked throughout the 2018-2019 school year to develop our Profile of the Clayton Graduate, which guided the District's strategic planning process. We wanted to start with the end in mind: our students. We developed a Profile that includes the competencies we want for every Clayton graduate. We envisioned a plan that influenced our approach to learning and challenged the mental models of what our schools look like for our students.

    In the fall of 2018, we gathered input from the community through a platform called ThoughtExchange. We asked the question:

    • What are the most important attributes we need to develop in our graduates in order for them to be successful? Why?

    We used the data we collected from your input and community engagement meetings to develop our Profile. 


    The School District of Clayton inspires each student to love learning and embrace challenges within a rich and rigorous academic culture. We develop leaders who shape the world through independence, creativity and critical thinking.

    The Clayton Graduate is…


    • engages in healthy practices and relationships to promote overall mental and physical well-being
    • demonstrates belief in self and engages in self-improvement, advocacy and resilience
    • lives life with authenticity, purpose and happiness

    Intellectually Curious

    • sees risks and mistakes as opportunities to fail forward
    • asks questions that lead to effective problem-solving
    • makes learning a constant

    Culturally Conscious

    • embraces diversity of opinion and is aware of one’s own world view
    • demonstrates positive attitude and interactions toward cultural differences
    • challenges prejudices, discovers commonalities and values differences


    • demonstrates compassion and understanding of others
    • demonstrates kindness and respect of others

    A Creative Thinker

    • designs and implements solutions to complex problems
    • explores multiple possibilities and challenges the status quo
    • expresses thought, ideas and emotions in varied ways – design, arts, writing and speaking

    A Collaborator

    • respects divergent thinking to engage others in meaningful discussion
    • uses active listening strategies to advance understanding and values the contributions of others
    • works to be an agent of change through strong communication skills