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    Office Phone:

    314-854-6769 (voicemail only until we return to the building)

    Office/Conference Hours:

    M-F (8am-9am) and (2pm-3pm)

    Courses Taught: 

    College Prep English III/American Literature (4th and 5th Periods)

    Course Syllabus

    College Prep English II & English II (8th Period) 

    Course Syllabus

    Clubs Sponsored:

    CHS Sister Circle

    About Me: 

    • 18th year in Education (as an English teacher)
    • 2nd year at CHS
    • Bachelor of Arts in English from Jackson State University
    • Master of Arts in Teaching Communication Arts from Webster University
    • 18 additional hours in Reading
    • 42 additional hours in School and Professional Counseling
    • Certified to teach AP English Literature
    • Certified to teach Princeton Review and Kaplan ACT Prep for English & Reading
    • Very excited about learning and growing as a teacher at CHS!
    • Most excited about the English Department's Conferenced Writing Program