• Clayton Summer Academy

    UPDATED: March 2022

    Clayton Summer Academy (CSA): For students entering grades nine through 12, CSA will be housed at Clayton High School. Registration for CSA classes will take place concurrently with the CHS registration process for the 2022-2023 school year. Click on the link in the left-hand column to access the 2022 brochure.
    Credit acquisition and credit recovery opportunities will be conducted in person at CHS starting on June 6. Credit acquisition classes will follow an A/B day schedule with synchronous classes in person at CHS every other day. On the opposite day, students will be provided asynchronous work and will not attend in-person learning.  
    Credit recovery classes will meet on a daily basis for synchronous work at CHS for 90 minutes. Students will also be assigned asynchronous work to be completed at home later in the day.
    Students who would prefer to take online classes exclusively will be taught online by CHS teachers in one weekly synchronous virtual meetings. Time will depend on the class and class duration should be about one hour. They are online and all instruction is asychronous.
    To register for CSA or the Launch program, CLICK HERE. All summer registration materials are DUE BY MARCH 7.
    Registration for the online courses for Clayton Summer Academy is now closed.