• Clayton Summer Academy

    UPDATED: MAY 26, 2020

    Credit acquisition and credit recovery opportunities will be conducted virtually starting June 3.

    Credit Acquisition: Students seeking summer credit acquisition should go here to get updated registration information about Launch’s Traditional Virtual course offerings. Launch is a virtual learning program operated by Springfield Public Schools. June and July enrollments are available. If you have additional questions, contact Joyce Bell 

    Credit Recovery*: Students who need to recover credit due to a failing grade should contact Joyce Bell. Students may recover credit in Science, Math, English, or American History. CHS teachers will be facilitating the credit recovery courses online. Credit Recovery registration ends June 2, 2020. 

    *Please note that a high school student may not pursue credit acquisition and credit recovery in the same summer.

    Public health guidance permitting, the Great Start program and Academic Foundations will shift to July 27 - Aug. 7 as in-person experiences and will be re-evaluated as the dates near. Otherwise, students may check in with their grade-level counselor for advice on summer classes in preparation for the fall. Students who receive Extended School Year (ESY) services with Special School District will also participate in virtual services during the month of June.
    To access your online summer school classes through Springfield Public Schools Launch program, go to:
    Your ID: your Student number when you registered through Springfield Public Schools (6 digits)
    Your Password: first initial of first name, then first initial of last name, then 8 digit birthdate.
    ...For example, Michelle Obama would be MO011764! (for Jan 17, 1964 birthday)
    For questions, email support@fueledbylaunch.com or call 417-523-0417.