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    CHS PDC Mission Statement: COMING SOON! 
    For the 2016-2017 school year, teachers at CHS are embarking on year three of a book study of Becoming a Reflective Teacher by Dr. Robert Marzano. The CHS PDC has chosen to look at design question #6 "Engaging Students" and Formative Assessment. This specific design question includes 9 elements that teachers have self-selected to guide their professional learning for the year. They include:
    • Noticing when students aren't engaged
    • Using academic games
    • Managing response rates
    • Using physical movement
    • Maintaining a lively pace
    • Demonstrating intensity and enthusiasm
    • Using friendly controversy
    • Providing opportunities for students to talk about themselves
    • Presenting unusual or intriguing information 
    The CHS PDC created the graphic below to showcase how our professional learning is beginning to intertwine together with various aspects of our school improvement plan. 
    professional learning