Class schedule 2020-2021:
    2nd hour (A days) - French I
    4th hour (A days) - Advanced French
    5th hour (B days) - Advanced French
    6th hour (B days) - French Cinema & Conversation
    Google Classroom:
    My course expectations, policies and weekly syllabi are posted via Google Classroom, as will most assignments for classes. In addition, I will sometimes send time-sensitive updates via Classroom, so students should make sure to set their notifications accordingly. Parents are invited to join our Google Classroom so they have access to more materials. 
    Contact Madame Caspari:
    Email: elizabethcaspari@claytonschools.net 
    Voicemail: 314-854-6683
    Questions? Please contact me. I check my email numerous times throughout the day, but I do check my voicemail once each school day.
Last Modified on February 9, 2022