• Clayton High School is nationally recognized for our academic tradition and commitment to developing well-rounded students who are fully capable of constructive citizenship in a global society. We have high expectations for all of our students and value the partnership of students, parents, administrators and a dedicated faculty to help each student find success.

    CHS offers a strong academic program with a wide range of opportunities and high-level programs in all curricular areas. More than 95 percent of our students take four years of English, math, science and social studies. Co-curricular programs allow our students to gain the essential tools for their next steps in the world and the skills needed to be lifelong learners.

    Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered in nearly every discipline. Our students apply to and are well prepared to attend some of the most competitive colleges and universities throughout the nation.

    Approximately 90 percent of CHS students participate in one or more extra-curricular activity, and we follow a philosophy of participation and inclusion in our sports and athletics.

    The faculty is the cornerstone of success at CHS. Together, teachers and students create an atmosphere of academic excellence and achievement, as well as an outstanding place to learn and to grow.

    Welcome to Clayton High School!