• Special School District

    The St. Louis County Special School District provides support to Clayton High School students diagnosed with special needs. CHS students
    with disabilities are enrolled in self-contained, resource, itinerant, and consultative/collaborative placements. The special education teachers,
    in collaboration with the speech/language pathologists, teach small group and individualized classes that include the following areas:
    learning strategies, language skills, study skills, transition, college and career preparation, individualized functional skills, and academic
    skills. Other special educators—such as occupational therapists, social workers, assistive technology specialists, and transition facilitators—
    are assigned to the school to work with individual students on an as-needed basis. The SSD staff provides consultative support to regular
    education teachers who have students with special needs in their classes.

    SSD Department phone number: (314) 854-6854
    SSD Office at CHS :  Room 116

Last Modified on April 7, 2015