• Learning Center

    What is the Learning Center?

    The Learning Center is an educational resource center for all Clayton High School students, where they can have daily one-on-one contact with teachers in the subjects of English, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

    The Learning Center also houses the Study Center where students can come to complete homework, study for tests and strengthen their reading, writing, grammar and critical thinking skills.

    Each section of the Learning Center is a scheduled class for students who receive 1/2 credit per semester if attending every day, or 1/4 credit per semester if attending every other day. However, all students are welcome to drop in before or after school for extra assistance.

    Through all of its available resources, the Learning Center helps CHS students find success.

    What is our mission?

    • Empower students to be confident, independent learners by cultivating student skills, strategies, and behaviros in a supportive, safe environment that exists for all.
    • Provide a variety of services and resources to support students as they engage with curriculum across disciplines.
    • Complement the work of the classroom by creating a partnership between classroom teachers and Learning Center teachers.

    What can students do at the Learning Center?

    • Get help solving difficult problems from last night’s homework.
    • Get help clarifying challenging concepts.
    • Develop schedules and strategies for completing long-term assignments.
    • Make daily progress on those assignments.
    • Improve writing, reading, grammar and study skills.
    • Whatever they need to do to become better students!

Last Modified on August 22, 2018