• Recess Before Lunch and Missouri’s Eat Smart Guidelines

    One of the many positive changes that came out of the 2010 Food Service Program Evaluation has nothing to do with what’s being served in Clayton’s school cafeterias. In May 2010, Clayton's elementary schools piloted a “Recess Before Lunch” program, moving recess before lunch instead of after lunch. That change has remained intact since 2010. Scheduling recess before lunch at Clayton’s elementary schools was one of the final steps the District needed to take to meet the “Exemplary Level” of Missouri’s Eat Smart Guidelines.

    In addition to helping the District hit its goal with respect to the Eat Smart Guidelines, there is solid research that supports that “Recess Before Lunch” is beneficial for students as they are not rushing through their balanced meal in order to get to the playground. Studies show that students:

    • Waste less food.
    • Consume more of their lunch.
    • Behave better on the playground, in the cafeteria and in the classroom.
    • Eat at a more leisurely pace.
    • Are more ready to learn upon returning to the classroom immediately after lunch so less instructional time is lost.
    • Perform better in the classroom because of increased nutrient intake and focused attention.

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