• G Suite for Education Notice to Parents and Guardians

    Using their G Suite for Education accounts, students may access and use the following “Core Services” offered by Google (described at https://gsuite.google.com/terms/user_features.html):

    • Gmail (including Inbox by Gmail)
    • Calendar
    • Classroom
    • Contacts
    • Drive
    • Docs
    • Forms
    • Groups
    • Keep
    • Sheets
    • Sites
    • Slides
    • Talk/Hangouts
    • Vault

    In addition, we also allow students to access certain other Google services with their G Suite for Education accounts. Specifically, your child may have access to the following “Additional Services”:

    • Blogger
    • Bookmarks
    • Books
    • Earth
    • Groups
    • Managed Play
    • Maps
    • My Maps
    • Photos
    • Takeout
    • YouTube

    Google provides documentation about the information it collects, as well as how it uses and discloses the information it collects from G Suite for Education accounts in its G Suite for Education Privacy Notice. You can read that notice online at https://gsuite.google.com/terms/education_privacy.html You should review this information in its entirety, but below are answers to some common questions: