• Web Filtering

    The School District of Clayton applies a web content filtering service to all web pages accessed from the District network. This includes sites accessed while at school and, for district-provided Chromebooks, sites accessed at home or other location. The service operates by blocking access to any URLs matching a list of blacklisted addresses and/or uncategorized content. The blacklist is assembled and provided by the iBoss filtering software used by the School District of Clayton. The software is designed to seek out and block websites with the following categories of content.
    • Violence
    • Hate/Racism
    • Nudism
    • Pornography
    • Adult/Mature Content
    • Drugs/Illegal Drugs
    • Gambling


    If you find a site that is blocked that you feel should not be, or a site that is not blocked that should be, contact your building educational technology specialist on the Contact Us page.