Gifted Resources: Academic

    The formal District Gifted Program, approved by the Clayton Board of Education and the State of Missouri, begins in second grade. The goals of the District Gifted Program are to ensure a transparent, fair, and equitable gifted identification process, to provide an environment that enriches and develops talent, and to foster an understanding of a strong sense of self and of one’s unique capabilities. 
    The School District of Clayton ​defines giftedness through multiple categories of superior demonstrated performance using beyond grade level standardized normative/adaptive referenced core content assessments, creativity tests and high frequency of gifted behaviors/characteristics. Recognizing that giftedness exists in all cultures and socio-economic levels and the potential bias of gifted identification systems and assessments, all students participate in a universal screening process of cognitive ability or problem solving at two designated elementary grade levels (one grade level at each Key Stage One and Key Stage Two). Students who are new to the District are considered for further testing for inclusion in the District Gifted Program serving grades 2–8. The gifted identification process includes a building advocacy option and a transparent District appeals process. 
    Identified gifted learners in grades 2–5 participate in grade level Extended Learning sessions with a gifted specialist for a minimum of 150 minutes weekly. In grades 6–8 gifted students may elect to take Exploratorium, a daily course taught by a gifted specialist. While there is not a formal gifted program for students in grades 9–12, there are many honors classes and advanced placement courses available to students. 
    As a further commitment to equity, all kindergarten and first-grade students and students of promise grades two through five from traditionally underrepresented and underserved populations in gifted programs (racial/ethnic subgroups, low income students, twice exceptional, English language learners and students from varied geographic locations such as rural and inner city) meet regularly with a gifted specialist for enrichment experiences in critical and creative thinking to promote talent development, achievement and growth. 
    Detailed information about the new identification process is available here.
    For more information contact your school’s Gifted Education Specialist, counselor, or the District's Office of Student Services.
    PGL parent resource: Chris Win at chrisjif@gmail.com

    St. Louis Regional Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students (PEGS)

    PEGS offers curricular acceleration and enrichment opportunities for exceptionally gifted students in grades 1–12. Through an individualized plan for instruction, this program addresses each student's unique needs for an accelerated, challenging, academic program and offers an organized system for attaining social and emotional growth skills. Students qualifying for PEGS are few in number among the general population. Several local districts, including the School District of Clayton, participate in this regional public school program, which operates two campuses: Lindbergh School District (South campus) and Pattonville School District (North campus). 
    Contact Julie Engelhard, Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, at 314-854-6023 or julieengelhard@claytonschools.net to request an application. The application deadline, for the following school year, is February 3.  
    PGL parent resource: Jessica del Pilar at delpilarjessica@gmail.com