• The School District of Clayton acknowledges the cognitive capacity and tenacity of gifted learners and recognizes that unique critical and creative thinking and problem solving experiences are imperative for identified gifted learners.  Gifted learners require stimulating educational pathways extending beyond that offered through a standard grade level or content curriculum.  Gifted learners thrive in an environment that enriches and develops talent, as well as foster an understanding of a strong sense of self and of one’s unique capabilities.

    Listed below are the Enduring Understandings of the Gifted curriculum and curriculum adaptation gifted students experience during their second- through eighth-grade education in the School District of Clayton.

    Enduring Understandings

    • Gifted learners require complex, interdisciplinary learning experiences in order to meet their unique intellectual and emotional needs.
    • Gifted learners develop asynchronously and require engagement in experiences at an appropriate level of stimulation to make progress on the continuum of learning and in the development of self. 
    • Gifted learners require flexible, innovative learning environments with access to resources, equipment, supplies, and technology requisite for exploration and experimentation of the curriculum.
    • Gifted learners require unique experiences to best acquire the critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills and habits to successfully address challenges in an ever-changing globalized world.

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