Gifted Resources

    As you come to know the unique and not-so-unique challenges of raising gifted children, you may begin to look for help. While the resources offered here are by no means exhaustive, they were helpful to several PGL parents and are widely recommended in the gifted community. Many of these resources aim to help answer the following questions:

    • what does it mean to be gifted?
    • what is important for you and those teaching your child(ren) to know about gifted?
    • what gifted resources are available locally and nationally?

    NEW! After-School Elementary Math Enrichment Club

    PGL is sponsoring IMACS this fall! We chose IMACS because their program is a collaborative experience, as opposed to competitive. IMACS is focused on helping kids learn reasoning skills and the logical processes involved in higher level math. As an enrichment program, it is ideal for kids who need a challenge in math or have untapped potential.

    Who is eligible:

    • ALL interested 1st–5th graders
    • Students will be divvied into one of four classes, of not more than 11 kids in each section, by ability. Some consideration will be given to age and maturity. 
    • Contact Doug Hunt at dhunt@imacs.org to arrange for your child to take an IMACS placement class BEFORE September 12 in order to register for the fall session.

    Dates/Times: Thursdays, September 12–October 24, 2019 

    • 5:00–6:00 pm Primary enrichment
    • 5:00–6:30 pm Elementary enrichment
    • 5:00–7:00 pm Full enrichment
    • 5:00–7:00 pm Intermediate enrichment

    Cost: Scholarships are available! Ask for details when registering for a placement class.

    • Primary enrichment: $250
    • Elementary enrichment: $305
    • Full & Intermediateenrichment: $360

    Location: Glenridge Elementary (exact rooms to be determined)

    Program information: Visit the IMACS website. If you are interested in IMACS but Thursdays will not work for your family, please note that IMACS offers additional classes around St. Louis on other days.

    Other gifted resources are grouped into the following categories:

    For more information on these and other resources, please contact Jessica del Pilar at delpilarjessica@gmail.com