• Long-Term Financial Planning Committee Members
    Adam Ackerburg, Parent/Community Representative
    Greg Batenhorst, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
    Kevin Baum, Parent/Community Representative
    Mike Fournier, Middle School Faculty
    Robin Fultz, Communications Coordinator
    Milena Garganigo, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    Mary Ann Goldberg, Middle School Administrator
    MaryJo Gruber, Chief Financial Officer
    Dan Gutchewsky, High School Administrator
    Kim Harding, Human Resources Consultant
    Anthony Henderson, Elementary Faculty
    Darryl Higuchi, Board of Education
    Mike Howe, High School Faculty
    Jane Klamer, Board of Education
    Lisa Mooney, Parent/Community Representative
    Missy Moxon-Rust, Support Personnel
    Cindy Rapponotti, Parent/Community Representative
    Lily Raymond, Parent/Community Representative
    Debbie Reilly, Family Center
    Beth Scott, Elementary Administrator
    Greg Siwak, Parent/Community Representative
    Sharmon Wilkinson, Superintendent
    Nicole Birkmann, Administrative Assistant