• Overview

    Clayton Kid Zone is the Clayton School District's Before and After School program. Our mission  is to provide a child centered, safe, fun, and supervised atmosphere where children are encouraged to create, think, explore, and develop positive relationships. Kid Zone offers quality programming which includes choice based play,  time for homework , gym and daily teacher planned activities.
    • To work with parents, staff and administrators to ensure a smooth transition from home to program to school.
    • To create a program that is an extension of the child's school day that is filled with both fun and learning.
    • To communicate effectively with parents to best understand their desires for their child's experience.
    • To continue to grow and improve our program in an ongoing way.

    The philosophy of the Clayton Kid Zone Program is based on the idea that the before and after school experience is an extension of the child's school day. Staff works in collaboration with the building level administrators, counselors, support staff and teachers to ensure a smooth transition from one experience to the other. Children experience similar expectations, school guidelines, caring adults, and quality materials and equipment.

    A second philosophical basis of the program is creating a community between program, staff, and parents. Parents should feel involved through communication, sharing of ideas, and creating a partnership to ensure a nurturing environment for their child.
    A third philosophical basis of the program is that program growth and improvement is based on self-study and feedback from both children and parents. The staff wants to be open to the suggestions of the parents and the children themselves. This feedback is the source of new program ideas, including new materials and activities.