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    To  register for Kid Zone for the remaining of this school year email Linda Villaire below.

    Email Address: Kid Zone Program Coordinator- Tyler Kearns - tylerkearns@claytonschools.net
                               Kid Zone Office Administrator- Linda Villaire - lindavillaire@claytonschools.net
                               Family Center Site Leader - Amanda Tran- amandatran@claytonschools.net
    Phone numbers:(314) 854-6911 (Tyler Kearns Voicemail)
                             (314) 304-9892 (Family Center Cell Phone and voicemail)

    Welcome to Clayton Kid Zone -- Clayton's Early Childhood  Program at the Family Center and CHS Early Childhood Centers. Please click on any of the items in the left hand menu to learn more about the fun and enriching activities and programs we offer during Clayton's before and after school hours.