• Online Public Comment Form: www.claytonschools.net/publiccomment 

    The Board of Education welcomes comments from its community and has established this alternative process for hearing comments from the public during electronic meetings. This new process will be in place while the Board conducts electronic meetings or when meeting capacity is limited by the size of the meeting space, a necessity given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to provide an environment for effective public comment under these extraordinary circumstances, individuals should use the following protocols for public comment:

    • Any person wishing to address the Board during an electronic meeting must fill out this form by 5 p.m. on the date of the meeting. The form will include the speaker’s name, address, e-mail address and comments.
    • Each comment shall be allotted up to three minutes. At the discretion of the Board president prior to the beginning of the meeting, the time limit may be changed to accommodate the number of comments.
    • Speakers/comments are not to address the Board concerning specific personnel issues at a meeting. A comment will not be read if it is addressing a personnel issue. Such issues should be addressed using the District’s established procedures for sharing concerns about school personnel and, if necessary, brought to the Board’s attention in private.
    • While the Board does not directly respond, the Board will address comments in the following manner:
      • The Board President may make clarifying remarks at the end of the public comment session to address any misstatements of facts.
      • The Administration will send a written response to the speaker.